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The Process of Selling a Business

If you know anyone who’s sold a business, they’re liable to tell you that the selling process was long and stressful. They’ll also likely tell you that selling a business diverts too much time away from managing it; in fact, day-to-day operations can suffer enough that businesses lose value at the worst possible time. First Choice Business Brokers can ease the burden of selling your Scottsdale or Phoenix business and, equally important, maximize your return on the sale.

The first step in selling your business is establishing its proper value – something even your CPA probably couldn’t do, but FCBB can. In fact, we offer all prospective clients a free basic evaluation, which involves examining your business’ financials, physical assets, longevity, reputation, and management structure. We take both guesswork and feelings out of the process to yield a realistic asking price.

Once a price is set, FCBB will manage the marketing and advertising of the sale of your business. We’ll work discreetly, so you can operate without your impending sale becoming common knowledge. In addition, your listing will reach the large audience that contacts our network about businesses for sale. Any potential buyers will be screened; your time and effort won’t be wasted on negotiations or other tasks that aren’t likely to come to fruition.

Once a qualified buyer is obtained, FCBB will manage all aspects of the transaction: We’ll coordinate and assist in negotiations; we’ll assist in structuring deals; and we’ll provide all necessary documents and contracts. We’ll be at your side from the start to a successful close, using our brokerage experience to ensure that you get the best possible return on all of the time, effort, and money you invested in your business.

You’ve worked hard to build a business that’s worth something. Our team will work just as hard to get you what your business is worth. If you’re considering selling a business here in Scottsdale or  Phoenix, call First Choice Business Brokers today for a free consultation from an expert broker.